Thai Massage

Thai massage - this is truly a spiritual ritual and art, the intended stay masseur in a meditative state while working in a state of concentration and relaxation time. The sacrament of healing anticipates prayers to the energies of Earth and Heaven, designed to calm the mind masseuse and prepare it for practical work with the patient in conjunction with the forces of Nature. Master, the last Thai massage courses of medicine and consolidate their skills extensive practice, performs massage in a state of meditation. This condition contributes to the awakening of the intuitive powers of search and removal of energy blocks and clamps, the master sees the inner instinct flows of energy flowing through the patient's body. And only such practices, feeling inside the spiritual essence of art of Thai massage can enter in unison with the individual characteristics of each individual patient and cure him.

History and practice of Thai massage has about two and a half thousand years, this kind of healing practice has long and deservedly gained worldwide fame. Dedication to the philosophy and basic techniques of Thai massage takes place on a course of massage in our center - an innovator in learning this ancient healing practice in Ukraine.

Thai massage by experts highest order may be called bone setters-graduates courses Thai massage in Buddhist monasteries, stayed there in the teachings of a long time. This kind of Thai massage is considered the most difficult to master, but the most effective in the practice of Thai massage therapy. The main feature of this technique is to use a single method that is based on three pillars of Thai medicine: a linear massage, deep massage the muscle-tendon meridians, and manual therapy with yoga elements aimed at opening the energy systems of the body.


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