Gift Certificate

The perfect gift ...

Gift Certificate massage parlor "Evita" - a magical unforgettable wise refined luxury exotic sensual gift to a friend, fellow business or valuable corporate clients?

Choosing a gift - an art and you want to make a gift much! Gift certificate to the salon, "Evita" on spa services have all the advantages of these gifts:

Original, especially in the situation, "he / she has and so it is"

Useful - you want to sign your attention is not set aside as unnecessary to the far corner

Nice to transmit a sense of celebration, but still sweet and sincere

Not expensive, just not very expensive, not to put a person in an awkward position and not too cheap (we assume that about $ 100 - this is optimal)

High-quality, sturdy - not "consumer goods"

With a sense of humor and high spirits - this is usually not enough

Convenient (for someone who likes to give), with minimal loss of personal time.

Order by phone gift certificate for a massage salon on the "Evita", and solve the problem of choosing podarka. 067 257 08 88


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